Frequently Asked Questions at Main Street Apartments in Rockville, Maryland


What is Main Street?

Main Street is an inclusive, community-centered residential development in which 25% of the apartments are designated for adults with disabilities. 75% of the apartments in the Main Street building, including all of those designated for people with disabilities, will be affordable, which means they will rent for well below market rates.

​How can I be a part of the Main Street community even if I do not live there?

Our nonprofit partner Main Street Connect will offer various membership packages that will allow you to use the amenities and participate in daily activities. Please visit for membership information. 


How many apartments will Main Street have?​

Main Street will have 70 apartments including 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units; 17 of the apartments will be designated for adults with disabilities.

Will units at Main Street be for sale or for rent?​

All the units at Main Street will be rentals.

Will the apartments have washers and dryers?​

Yes, all of the apartments at Main Street will have washers and dryers.


How do I apply to live in Main Street Apartments?

Our complete application process is here

What regulations will Main Street follow when renting the affordable apartments in the building?

Main Street Apartments received Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) from the State of Maryland to cover a significant amount of capital expenses and, therefore, we must comply with the LIHTC guidelines when renting apartments. The guidelines are part of IRS tax law. The LIHTC guidelines are not the same as guidelines for Moderately-Priced Dwelling Units (MPDUs) in Montgomery County. Additionally Main Street will follow the Fair Housing Act.

May one person apply to live in a two-bedroom unit by him or herself?

Yes. The only question is if their income is enough to qualify for that rent.

May a person apply as an individual to rent an affordable two or three-bedroom apartment and have Main Street help them find a roommate?

Main Street will not be responsible for finding roommates for residents. 

In the affordable units at Main Street, all household members must be qualified through the full application process. So, applicants should apply together if they are going to move in together.  While it is possible for a new roommate to apply to join an existing household, it’s much more complicated than just having them apply together in the first place.

Is it possible to split leases / have multiple leases for one of Main Street’s affordable units?

No. Each unit will have one lease.

When determining income limits for affordable units, do you count the income of all residents in the unit?

Yes. All residents of the unit will be considered part of the household, no matter their relationship to each other, and their income would be counted toward the household income limit. The exception would be a live-in support person (called a “Live In Care Provider” or “LICP” in tax credits), which is considered a reasonable accommodation of disability status in all affordable programs. Income levels of LICPs are not counted toward household income limit for the unit. It is possible but more complicated for the LICP to be a family member. For any LICP, we always have to be able to document a) the resident meets the definition of disability and b) the resident needs a LICP.  But if the LICP is a family member, we also have to be able to document: 1) the relative would not live with the resident if not for the disability (usually discounts spouses), and 2) the LICP is not financially supporting the resident (often discounts parents of young residents and the adult children of elderly residents).

Main Street Apartments


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